Villa Tugendhat visualisation

For mobile

Designed to run on 1GB OpenGL ES2.0 devices

  • FREE version available with access to most of the upper floor supported by adverts, get this first to confirm that the PRO version will run on your device.
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  • PRO version available with access to far more areas, including multiple floors and no adverts
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For desktops

Designed to run on a wide range of configurations

Download the Windows or Mac versions by clicking appropriately below

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You can register here to access more areas in the FREE version

To access all areas, buy a licence by selecting a contribution you wish to make to support the Villa Tugendhat and the development of this visualisation

USD : $-61.8   GBP : £-61.8    EUR : €-61.8

Please consider purchasing a Pro version, the majority of the post app-store/transaction fees goes directly to support the villa or further development of the visualisation to which all pro users will have access to free upgrades